Giggles & Chuckles: Mr. vs Miss.

Children sometimes say the cutest things; don’t they?!  I know mine have surprised me and kept our family smiling and laughing…

Here is one of my favorites:

At the time Arti was 1-year-old, Jubi was 3-years-old, and Milli was 5-years-old.

Mommy:  Arti, Are you being mischievous?

Jubi & Milli (laughing): Mommy, he is a boy!

Mommy: Okay?  Is he being mischievous?

Jubi & Milli: (with even louder laughter) Mommy, he is not being mischievous.  He is being MISTERchievous!

Mommy: What?! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

What are some funny or cute sayings you have heard from little children?  Share your story in the Comment area below!

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