We Made Organic Almond Milk

Our kids are lactose intolerant.  It’s not severe but seeing them suffer from tummy aches is enough for us to ditch cow’s milk 90% of the time at home. Our alternative to cow’s milk is usually almond, soy, coconut, or cashew milk.  Sometimes, we purchase them from stores; but we enjoy the homemade ones way better. One morning, our little boy wanted some milk, but we ran out. So, I told him that we would make some together for our next breakfast.

That night I soaked some raw almonds for the next day.  With some almonds, water, and the best help from JAM (Jubi, Arti, & Milli, just in case you haven’t seen their names all over the site ;), we got to work. It turned out to be a fun activity for us all.

Ingredients & Measurements:

  • 1 cup Organic raw almonds
  • 8 cups Water
  • 1 Nut milk bag or cheesecloth

The How:

  • Soak raw almonds for about 2-3 hours or overnight when the weather is not too warm.
  • Put 1 cup of soaked almonds and 8 cups of water into the blender.
  • Blend until frothy.
  • Strain the mixture through a nut milk bag. I prefer nut milk bag over cheesecloth since it just seems much easier to clean for me.
  • Keep solids for a nut loaf later.
  • Put milk in a container and refrigerate if you do not plan to use it immediately. 
  • Shake before serving.

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