What’s JAMpacked About?

Jam is sweet, jam is messy, jam is loud, jam is bright, jam is sticky, jam is Jubi (J), Arti (A), & Milli (M)! Welcome to “JAM”packed Family, where everything is stemmed from our 3 little ones and packed with family related activities and fun.  Our children are more than half the contributors of this site.  Here, you will find our family together cooking, doing crafts, gardening, telling stories, building, renovating, offering money saving ideas, taking care of daily chores, and everything else in between.  Together, we want to share, relate, and help families jam together through faith, food, fun, and frugality.

Don’t let your past circumstances or afflictions prevent you from having an awesome relationship with your children NOW.  I was quite unnatural at this whole parenting thing.  But, God gave us 3 precious, loving children to heal, to guide, and to bless us as a family. Cooking and doing activities with our little ones have helped me interact with my children in a positive way. Not only are the little ones having fun while helping, but also we as parents are being refined while enjoying the process and results!

Do you need some ideas on how to get your little ones involved? Check out our activities and give them a try with your little friends.  Happy Bonding!